Xiaomi Mijia Philips Desk Lamp 3 Eyecare Smart Lamp App Control

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Original Xiaomi Mijia Philips Desk Lamp 3 Eyecare Smart Lamp App Control 


 - Xiaomi Mijia Philips Desk Lamp 3 Eyecare - Eye Comfort , Designed to deliver optimal eye comfort as you read or work . 

- Flood and Uniform Lighting 90cm diameter wide-angle lighting according to GB 50034-2004 standard, optimizing the light when working or reading to maximize eye comfort

- A Smarter Lamp By collecting and processing light signals through a light sensor, using a patented light calibration algorithm and Gamma light curve to offer more pleasant lighting

- Smart Control This lamp can easily be paired with Mi Home App and supports smartphones operating on Android and iOS

- Smart Night Light With light sensor, when it gets dark, the lamp automatically enters Smart Night Light mode, touch any of the keys to turn it on

- Stepless Dimming via Smartphones The lamp is customisable and can be personalised to deliver different light levels via Mi Home App

- Personal Scene Setting Further, the smart lamp can also be connected with other Xiaomi smart home devices through the cloud to get more possibilities

- Elegant Design It's a child-friendly device, certificates of standards being followed in manufacturing this product


 Xiaomi Mijia Philips Desk Lamp 3




Brand: Xiaomi Mijia Philips Desk Lamp 3
Power: 10W
CCT: 3700K
Powered source: AC
Material: Aluminum Alloy,PC
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Numbers of LED: 32 x 0.32W  
Features: APP Control,Dimmable,Touch Sensitive
Optional Light Color: Natural White
Suitable for: Home use,Office
Available color: White

WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz


Product weight: 1.000 kg
Package weight: 1.820 kg

Package Contents

1 x Xiaomi Philips Smart Desk Lamp 3


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